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Our Membership Plans

We offer three levels of membership for our clients in order to best serve the individual needs of each client:


  Basic Membership    You can create your own free profile and upload photos to our online dating site for all members to see.  When other members express interest in you, you will receive email notifications informing you that someone is interested to know you.  You will also receive our monthly newsletters as well other emailed notifications about Fusion Dates events and offerings.  

  Gold Membership  

As a Gold member, you will receive all of the benefits of the Basic membership.

In addition, you will have the ability to search for and directly contact any other members.  You will be able to quickly express your interest to another member or to send them a more detailed and personalized message.

You will also receive special discounts off the cost of all Fusion Dates events and offerings!

We're so excited about our new online profiles section that we're giving away Gold memberships for absolutely FREE for a limited time!  There are absolutely NO FEES for becoming a Gold member.  So create your free profile now and enjoy the same benefits that other dating sites require you to pay


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$1995 for 1 month 

$4995 for 3 months

$7995 for 6 months

$11995 for 12 months


  Platinum Membership  

The Platinum membership offers our premium personalized services at a very reasonable price.  You will receive the personal attention of your own matchmaker who will assist you with finding the right person for you!

It all starts with a one-on-one interview between you and the matchmaker in order to get to know you on a personal level.  This helps the matchmaker get to know your personality as well as understand your desires and requirements for your match.

The matchmaker will then identify potential matches for you - even contacting the potential matches on your behalf in order to arrange for an introduction.  The 5 matches plan typically lasts for about 6 months while the 10 matches plan will usually last about 12 months.

The matchmaker will also offer advice and guidance to the client concerning dating, relationships, and cultural understanding when needed to help him or her succeed in establishing a wonderful relationship.  Of course, all Platinum memberships include the same features included in the Basic and Gold memberships!



$449 for 5 matches

$749 for 10 matches